Jemma Stone
Tutor, Coach, Singer/Writer
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Jadanne - No Boarders 

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Jemma Stone - Coach, Singer, Songwriter, Writer

Singer/Songwriter - Jadanne - No Boarders


I sang in bands when I was younger and started recording my own songs, which are now available to listen  to and download on my debut album. I am available for co-writing and performance.

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Writer - Delora Green - Living in a Bubble

This book of mine can be purchased on Amazon or you can go to my website. It is an autobiography.

I wrote a book to compliment my journey through life taking twenty years to write. After hardship, difficulties and perseverance, I realised my dreams and this book documents my transition from one life to the next. Now reality and a lived, loved life to learn from in a positive, encouraging transcript, following my life then realising my dreams. Passed on as a legacy to the people to help then do the same by keeping strong and positive

Tutor/Coach - Delora's Retreat Boutique - Sales


I find inspiration all around me.  I make my music from pure creation, my book too, inspired by the journey I have been on and the path my life has taken. Gifted life lessons to the people. I run a Community Drop in Centre in Cleobury Mortimer, which also sells homemade soaps, bric a brac, glass ware. I use the space to tutor English, Maths and Music. I Coach - personal development, building confidence and raising self esteem and help people realise their dreams and go live them. I meet the needs of people in the community in a variety of different ways. A friendly and safe environment to be in and a relaxed, professional & friendly attitude towards my clients, I build relationships and market the products and services I sell.

Skincare, Haircare & Natural, Vegan & Cruelty Free


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Making Friends With The Enemy

Check out this great video - it is the first ever recorded solo artist song. Making Friends With The Enemy - Jadanne taken from the debut album - No Boarders

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