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About Jemma Stone: her work, her life, her passion, her goal

Go Get Your Dreams - Just Do Ltd


As Company Director of an overarching ltd Company that trades alongside three other ltd companies I set up; I run all four companies in sync depending upon demand & need. I have all my passionate aims to help others all under one roof and manage the services to suit. 

Go Get Your Dreams - Just Do

Jadstone Education and Direction 2005 

Assist Angels

Intrigued Music & Words

I set up the original business Jadstone Creative Learning as a sole trader in 2005 & worked this alongside my job as a Supply Teacher. In 2015, I combined my love of singing, songwriting & writing with a past, enriched career filled with experience of Teaching, Tutoring, Mentoring, Advocacy & Consultancy since 2000. I studied from 1994 gaining 9 GCSE's, Business G.N.V.Q, A Level English Language/Literature & an AS Level in Music following onto achieving a BA Hons with QTS Studies in the Arts degree, qualifying as a Primary School Teacher in 2000 in addition to 20 years life and work experience across inner city and rural schools teaching in reception through to year 6, specialising in music and learning difficulties. Current DBS held on update service, safeguarding and insurances held.

The company I run now hosts an education, writing, music, health, wealth, wellness & wellbeing business all underneath one umbrella. With lived experience of hard, tough & difficult times coupled by showing a willingness to work, by keeping a positive mindset & a strong mental attitude, I can suggest ways to improve personal circumstances & lives, helping people to reach their full, true potential; encouraging continuation in study, learning, developing life & social skills, apprenticeships & work experience. Flourish with passion. Steps to Succeed.

Jadstone Education and Direction: I tutor English, Maths, Basic Computer Skills, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Recorder & Music Theory. I mentor & guide people through perceived obstacles & lift barriers to reach fulfillment in learning and life, developing skills, mindset and attitude. 

Intrigued Music & Words: I am a singer and I am a writer & songwriter. I have written a book. Living in a bubble. It can be purchased from Authorhouse with a written short story sequel to follow. Lost & Found:Near & Far and a collection of poems entitled: Timeless Poetry

I have songs on itunes, googleplay, youtube & spotify - Jadanne 

I encourage & inspire others to go make a living from creating, exposing their hobbies, interests & talents, challenging negative &  limited beliefs. I teach & mentor children, young people & adults including those in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, foster care homes, safe homes, elderly care dementia homes, referral units & prisons and private homes. Our Assist Angels, launched on 17th November 2018 to help when the need arises.

I team this work with my involvement in network marketing companies & relish in building relationships in friendship, having my own online shops on facebook selling health, nutrition and beauty products. Delora's Retreat Shop

Jemma's Beauty Box

I am a Brand Influencer promoting a weight management, vitality coffee, cocoa drink & capsules. 

Go Get Your Dreams - Just Do: Jadstone Education and Direction is a Tutoring, Mentoring company promoting Wellness, Wellbeing & Assist Angels deals with Crisis Intervention by offering Mediation, Coaching, Talk With Me, Advocacy & Consultancy sessions. I run a learning and community drop in centre in Cleobury Mortimer, a beautiful quaint town in Worcestershire on the borders of Shropshire. My shop also hosts Delora's Retreat Boutique, which sells handmade soaps, clothes, shoes, teddies, accessories, skincare, haircare and nutrition products. Brochures, websites are available to purchase goods as well as what is in stock. 

It is a signposting organisation offering support for all ages & abilities. Assist Angels are our key workers who assist people as & when they need help with onset, post, long term and short term intervention to aid recovery of Mental Health problems, illnesses encouraging integration, socialisation, voluntary & paid employment, back to work support & training, Business Start Ups. Individually Tailored Packages provide uniqueness to every client. Client Led. Client centred.

The companies offer possibilities for partnership and Inclusive Services across 7 areas of England - Worcestershire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Birmingham, Solihull,  Dudley & Sandwell. By connecting, communicating, signposting out to others, we can provide a better service to our clients so that they can use us as their single point of access. The place to start. Offering pre gp support.

Please call or email to discuss further & to book meetings and one to ones. Interested Clients, Business Partners and existing Organisations are welcome through these doors. Thank You for taking the time to read.

+447488 420 420 Jemma Stone on facebook. Go Get Your Dreams - Assist Angels. United Justice for all. 

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My Favorite Work


I love helping others. My focus is on helping people to achieve their goals whether it is to be in education or in their careers. I offer a consultancy service, which involves plotting out a plan for growth, enrichment, learning and success. I want to make a massive difference in people's lives. I tutor, mentor and assist people in everyday living. Every client case is different and tailored to individual needs. This coupled with my belief in the products I sell provides me with the life I choose to have and the freedom to help others do the same. 

My passion and determination to encourage others to believe in themselves, their abilities and instil confidence in themselves to improve, feel great and be positive; spurs me on to persevere and have faith in all that I do, delivering a service, which is flexible, friendly, versatile and value for money and time well spent. 

Revital U

The Opportunity


I love what I do, helping others to improve aspects of their lives and careers by gaining new skills, knowledge & qualifications, guiding them through the labyrinth of life by supporting people to overcome their problems to find solutions. Moving people on past their frustrations & limitations, assisting effectively & supporting every step of the way: robustly


Carefully tailored individualised plans will aid people from all walks of life coupled with being structured, flexible, sensitive & disciplined in the approach. I help others to set realistic goals & support them in reaching them in manageable & realistic timescales. I teach, tutor, mentor, sing & write. Tuition includes English , Maths & Music. Singing includes live solo performances and recorded music under the name of Jadanne. Listen on Spotify.

I enjoy supporting people to write journals, poems & lyrics to songs helping them to compose their own music, encouraging them to share their feelings and explore emotions.  I teach the theory of music through the use of the piano. I write under the name of Delora Green & now: Jemma Stone, my legal name. I motivate, build self confidence & self belief in people thus helping them to see a better way of life, walking hand in hand with others on the same path. You can read my autobiography self help book on ebook and paperback. It can be purchased from on Author House and Amazon. An audio version of the newly edited version along with the edited second edition will be released soon. 

I dedicate my time to improving  people's mindsets, perception, reality, prospects, present and future. I aspire to create a pathway to learning that is both informative & relevant. By working together, client led; we can achieve. Collaboration with others is crucial  in developing a business that serves others well by listening to their needs, thoughts & feelings. Together: we can achieve.

Jadanne - Singer


Check out this great video


Check out this great video


Assist Angels

Jemma has always helped me with her txts. She has always been strong, positive and reassuring. I always feel better and calmer after getting realistic and insightful advice. Hope to stay her friend.Andy.

Jemma's listening and directional skills have been invaluable to me, providing guidance and support throughout. Keelin.

You rescued us in our hour of need and Jemma you "supplied" for us indeed. Good Luck in whatever you do-Don't forget us - we won't forget you!

Tardebigge First School

Verse to a leavers poem

Jadstone Tuition & Mentoring

Music Classes

Jemma was recommended to us nine years ago when we were looking for a music teacher for our young daughters, and she has been teaching the girls recorder and music theory ever since.  We in turn have recommended her to others.

Throughout the years she has been coming to our house, Jemma has been a consistent presence, calm, kind and patient, able to relate easily to our girls when they were little children, right through to now and the teenagers they have become.  The girls are very fond of her. 

An excellent musician herself, Jemma both demonstrates and inspires.  The lessons are conducted in a friendly but professional manner; Jemma is determined that the girls do themselves justice and is persistent in drawing out the best from them.  We are delighted with their progress and with the extra “language” that music has given them.


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Jemma Stone

Experienced and qualified Primary School Teacher, Singer and Writer

Go Get Your Dreams - Just Do Ltd

Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom



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Education and Learning

Learn effectively in a comfortable environment

English, Maths and Music Tuition available with a primary goal in helping others reach their full, true potential in achieving fulfilment and success.

Mentoring, raising self esteem, confidence and giving direction in life. Encouraging people of all ages to go live their dreams, start a new hobby or use their hobby to earn a living. Advocacy is also a strength helping clients to find solutions to their problems.

Upcoming Book and Music

Songwriter and Author

Jemma has published a book under the name of Delora Green available to purchase from Author House. Go to or for further information. 

She has also recorded songs available on itunes, spotify and soundcloud. 

Listening and Signposting Service


Have you had trouble with mild depression, feeling a little down, lost or anxious about issues, life and just need someone to listen to you, hear your story, giving you encouragement to speak out, say how you feel and have help with overcoming these episides? Jemma can help you. Give her a call or text her for a response that is encouraging, positive and supportive.

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This is a Free Texting and Call line. However charges apply for call outs, meetings and appearances. Extra costs apply for book and music sales

New version Book Release. Second Edition

Living in a bubble

On 14th February, there will be a second edited edition of my book released. Also a second novel Lost and Found:Near and Far will be made available to purchase. 

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My Blog

My Blog