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  Please subscribe to uk to get further updates, newsletters and access to my blog GPDR rules apply. OPT IN/OUT - no future emails will be sent using - please contact Jemma Stone on +447400 076 664, England. UK. Worcestershire. Cleobury Mortimer. DY14 8BQ

Assist Angels crisis intervention - life line - Jemma Stone 07400 076 664 text/call Add me on Facebook Messenger or Whatts App. Non Wifi Best. 
This is a chargeable service. Please note that the initial 5 minutes is free then a payment of £50 is required to carry on the call to be scheduled that same day or at a time that suits you. Payment for follow on calls in the form of coaching is to be negotiated towards the end of the scheduled phonecall. In certain circumstances these calls may be offered for free and a crowdfunding link has 

been provided for investors to invest making donations to fund the service for those who can't afford it.

Please help by donating some money to help save the community drop in centre, learning and study centre and music and literary centre I have run/managed for one year. Please feel free to share. Let's see how much we can raise to serve the community in a positive way. The money will pay for app development too. I have the ideas, I just need to raise the money to kickstart the project and keep the ball rolling. Thanks for your help & support. These are my websites.

What do we do? How do we work? 
We are here to provide urgent assistance in the form of a telephone conversation/text message to give you support in your darkest hour, in your hour of need or if you need a confidence boost or encouragement. You can reach Jemma 24/7/365 by text, call using your landline, mobile or email. Any trouble with credit, we can do callback. We aim to be the first port of call for any non emergency that requires someone to listen. 

Normal Working Hours - I am contactable between 10am and 8pm and outside of these hours in an emergency. Please be respectful of peoples lives and only call if there is a great need for a talk/text with someone to help you through the moment you have found yourself in, including relationship troubles, feelings of low self esteem, thoughts of a suicidal nature.

Phonecalls can be scheduled after 8pm and before 10am if booked in advance but it is preferred that phonecalls are booked in the diary to fit in with normal opening hours. It is envisaged that a phonecall will take upto one hour and further phonecalls can be made afterwards to track progression, offering a touch base service. 

When you phone in, please be patient. There is currently only one line. We will be expanding to two manned lines when the need arises. In times of absence due to driving, being busy or on another call, please don't give up. Try later or you can leave a text or voicemail or send us an email or whatts app message. This is a predominantly non wifi service so a text or phonecall is the best way to get in touch for immediate connection otherwise other methods of communication may not be instant.

There is of course the option of booking a face to face meeting. If you can't reach us straight away, keep trying. Don't worry. We will get back to you. You can leave a message or voicemail. Cases will be dealt with depending upon level of crisis so a call back will be scheduled imminently in cases of emergency. 

The aim is to be open with our clients and information shared will be kept between the client and coach unless it is necessary to share with the appropriate teams due to a serious nature or offence. In these instances, it will be necessary for the caller to call 999 or 101 or any other organisation, which deals with a specific issue or crisis. It may be necessary to book an appointment with your gp. We are not councillors or therapists just provide a listening service.

The aim of the open line is to capture people's problems before they get too serious, getting out of hand so that the phone lines of the other emergency services can be freed up,  preventing wastage of time and resources. A problem shared is a problem halved. If it can be resolved before the need of the emergency services then call us. +44 7400 076 664

All conversations will be private and confidential with strict confidentiality, ensuring a professional conduct. 

This service requires honesty, openness and trust between all parties. Value and respect is crucial and no abuse will be tolerated - zero tolerance. The phonecall will be terminated if any degrading, insulting or derogatory reference is made. An email can be sent to
Whatts App is also an agreed way of communicating. Please add my number +447400 076 664. Please note after initial contact, this is a paid service and an initial payment of £50 needs to be made before help can commence. This service relies on paying clients to run and is currently unfunded. Value is in the Service. If a client cannot pay but requires urgent assistance, then a Trust Fund has been set up to capture any donations and investments. If you would wish to make a donation, please make so using the same PayPal link then explain that this amount is to be paid into the separate Trust Fund. Remember that initial contact is free and service will not be denied just because a person has the inability to pay. We aim to make this service fair to all but trust where people can pay, they will value the help and pay. Shareholders are being sought after. 

The company Go Get Your Dreams - Just Do Ltd  is the overarching company which deals with sales of Natural Skincare Products and Make up -, Weight Management Coffee
This is for samples only

and Nutritional Products.

The company offers coaching too together with Business Support and it will become the incorporating company when the time is right. Currently, there are three other companies set up and run by Jemma Stone. They are established to carry out her work as a Teacher, Tutor, Mentor - Jadstone Education and Direction 2005 Ltd. It is important to recognise that Jemma is a Fully Qualified Primary School Teacher with extensive experience since 2000. The Business was set up in 2005.

Jemma is a Singer, Songwriter and Author - Intrigued Music & Words. Her artiste name is Jadanne. Her Sudanem Author Name is Delora Green. All future works will be published and printed in her legal name. Jemma Stone.

You can purchase my album on itunes
and listen to/download my tracks on spotify. The tracks are also downloadable on amazon and compact disc. You can request a cd by text or messenger. Purchases can be made by using our secure method of payment. PayPal or Pingit. 

Assist Angels - Crisis Intervention, Community Help, Peer Support, Individual and Family Advocacy emotional support, teaching you strategies to cope, giving you the strength to keep persevering we are on facebook - Jemma Stone

We can signpost out to more specialised organisations upon hearing your issues or we can deal with it ourselves in the form of coaching, positive reinforcement, encouragement and support, helping you to get through your problems, suggesting solutions and choices for you to make. Gentle guidance and nudges at the right time can prevent more serious episodes, which require a visit to your gp, police intervention, medication or hospital admission. We work on the basis that prevention is better than a cure and we aim to help you resolve issues quickly rather than expose them to greater complication, which often causes stress, depression and Ill health.

We provide a crisis line known as a life line that we consider is the first port of call before you require help from the five emergency services. AA Vehicle Breakdown and recovery, Ambulance, Police, Fire and Mountain and Sea Rescue. The phone line is available to everyone - your first port of call. If the line is busy, drop us a text and we will call you as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can detail your issue in an email, including your number to call back on. 

All work is done over the phone unless talking is not your way of communicating. In these instances, an email can be sent. The organisation is set up to capture the panic stage,  to prevent further complications and to eliminate the need for additional support. If a phone call to Jemma can give immediate help in the moment to clarify your situation before it gets too much too late or too out of hand. Simply call Jemma to receive a 5 minute connection to summarise your crisis. If Jemma can help, a further telephone call can occur for an hour at a time that suits, diaries. Further calls are charged including a free text exchange service for continued support. Once an initial payment has been made of £50 to a secure paypal account attached to the proprietor under the name of her business Go Get Your Dreams - Just Do Ltd

We look forward to providing the service that people feel confident to use, where they feel comfortable to talk, being the go between for people to air their concerns to help them to overcome and move on before it gets too serious, dealing with prevention. This is a robust Service. Often, with an acceptance to listen, act and change, change will occur and issues will be resolved quite quickly. The caller needs to call with a willingness to do something about their situation and to follow up suggestions made by Jemma. Keeping positive is priority.

Please get in touch for further information, to book telephone conversation or a face to face contact. My number again. +44 7400 076 664. My email again I am on facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, whatts app. 

PREVIOUS April Newsletter. 

Jadstone Education and Direction Newsletter 1st April – 31st August 2019
Proprietor: Jemma Stone - Teacher, Tutor, Mentor, Coach, Musician, Writer, Singer-Songwriter
Mobile: 07400 076 664
Websites: uk
Next Newsletter due – 1st September due out the week beginning 26TH August ready for the next Academic Year.
Marketing Reach out to West Midlands Combined Authority, Dudley, Sandwell, Birmingham, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire – Telford and Wrekin and Herefordshire. This Newsletter is being made available to read from Tuesday 26th March 2019 by email or printed.
Service Charges - All Services are subject to a fee apart from the Boutique and Community Drop In Centre. An initial consultation fee of £30 applies. £50 for scheduled phonecalls. First 5 minutes telephone exchange free. The Learning and Development Centre is open most week days from 10am and evening sessions can be arranged by appointment only. We are open Saturdays from 11am – 3pm. In special circumstances, we can be open on Sundays. You are welcome to join me for a cuppa and a chat for a small donation in the Assist Angels fund though if you really can’t afford it, it’s free, complimentary from me to you. If you are travelling by car there is a car park at rear. We are a Signposting Organisation that also sells soaps, skincare, haircare, personal care. There is a bus route available too. 

Our favourite Classes - Please join us for the Baby and Toddler Music Classes on Tuesdays from 1pm – 1.45 and on Thursdays from 11am – 11.45 - £3 a session for one or more siblings. We are starting a Play and Stay on Wednesday afternoons from 2pm – 4pm and Writing Classes too on Thursday Mornings from 11am. Stay for as long as you like. Have support in writing poems, lyrics, journals, short stories & courses. Contact Jemma to book your place or just turn up on the day, weekly or fortnightly whenever it suits, I will work with you. We also offer English, Maths and Music Tuition. Visit my website  for further information as to what I can do for you based on my experience of being a primary school teacher for over 20 years, having had experience in the field of Autism & learning, behaviour difficluties. 

Just a Friendly Place to Be - We are a Dementia Friendly and Breast - Feeding Friendly Place. We welcome people of all ages, children, young people and adults including the elderly. We will tailor our sessions to your ability and will cater for your needs, listening carefully to provide a service that makes you feel happy, relaxed & welcome. We give Pamper events on most Saturdays and on Monday afternoons. Experience a hand scrub using our body polish and also a hand massage using our hand cream and nail oil. Come and try our hair oil and body lotion. All free to try. Browse through our brochures whilst you have a rest at Delora’s Retreat. Come along to experience our luxurious products, all natural and cruelty free with Tropic.

We also stock, Forever Living,
Revital U Coffee to help with weightloss, http://jemmastonerevitalu.samplerevitalu.comThis is for samples only
Arbonne, Neale’s Yard, Avon and Amway. We also sell Usborne Books. Just place your order and let me do the rest. Pay for and Pick up your products from the shop, 7 Talbot Square, Cleobury Mortimer, Worcestershire. DY14 8BQ. Use my online websites to purchase your products. Ask in shop for details. 

We are Celebrating the beginning to our 15th year in Business on the 1st April 2019 To mark the anniversary of 14 years in business, trading firstly as a sole trader, Jemma Stone, BA (Hons) with QTS - 2000, DBS registered with the online update service – runs all these companies by herself. She is the Sole Director and Share Holder. The Services span a wide range of Learning & Coaching Services to help people regain their confidence and belief in themselves and what they can achieve. The Tuition and Mentoring Service also includes Advocacy, family and relationship coaching to help people overcome difficulties in relationships, solve family feuds, making life easier, specialising in transformational change work and robust, rapid intervention, client centred and matched to people’s needs, tailoring sessions to specific individual requirements. Go at your own pace with packages available to suit.

A special buffet lunch will be offered for £6 a head at the Kings Arms pub in Cleobury Mortimer, Church Street, DY14 8BS on Monday 1st April at 12pm to celebrate the milestone of 15 years reached. This will take place after a Dementia Friends Meeting starting at 10am and finishing at 11.15 on the same day. You are very welcome to attend both the Dementia Friends meeting and the Celebratory lunch followed by a tour of my Boutique, Learning Centre and Community Drop in at 7 Talbot Square, Cleobury Mortimer, DY14 8BQ afterwards from 1pm – 3pm, where you can enjoy the space, a hot or cold beverage and a tea cake. We have been open 6 months since opening our doors on the 1st September. From 1st April we will be having our monthly company meetings at these premises and local residents, councillors and members of the public are very welcome to attend. A list of the dates are at the end of this newsletter. The office/shop venue at the above address will replace our usual meeting place at the Toby Carvery, Pershore Road South, KingsNorton in Birmingham for now until further notice. More recent meetings have taken place in Cleobury Mortimer. A phone in can be arranged for non- attenders where you can request minutes and the agenda and give your ideas/input for the business development. 

In the beginning…Jadstone Creative Learning began it’s journey well over a decade ago, beginning to trade on the 1st April 2005 then into 2010, marking its name change to Jadstone Education and Direction, it grew its services to meet the needs of Young People and Adults as well as children offering the services in prisons, youth houses, hostels, colleges and schools then following on from that becoming four private companies in November 2017, under the umbrella of Go Get Your Dreams – Just Do Ltd with interlocking companies, Intrigued Music & Words Ltd, Assist Angels Ltd and Jadstone Education and Direction 2005 Ltd, the original ideas combining over 20 years of training, experience, career development & expertise in differing fields in particular Education, Health and Social Care and the Music and Publishing Industry. Jemma had music tracks in the name of Jadanne on Spotify, Itunes and various other streaming sites. There are plans to sell CDs from the shop and she also has a book about her life story so you can learn about how she came to have this business from 2002, which is available on Amazon by searching Delora Green. There are video audio files recently uploaded and made available on YouTube on the Jemma Stone channel. 

Our Passion, Drive and Goals - After combining Education and Health with Emotional Health and Wellbeing Knowledge and Understanding, Jemma Stone, a Fully Qualified Primary School Teacher from 2000 after partaking in four years of training in Birmingham, studying Art and Music, having had four assessed teaching placements and once qualified, 19 years of teaching in Primary Schools across Birmingham, Worcestershire and Shropshire in the West Midlands as a full time class teacher, music teacher and various other roles as a supply teacher across both key stages covering an age range of 5-11 including Nursery/Reception teaching and up to GCSE in private homes as a Tutor, Mentor and Coach of English, Maths and Music. You can now book an initial consultation that lasts an hour for £30 followed by sessions lasting 45 minutes for £20, sessions to take place at the Learning Centre. 

Coaching Packages start from £130.
Clarity – standard - £130 for 6 - 45 minute sessions*
Vision – enhanced - £250 for 12 - 45 minute sessions*
Advancement – luxury - £360 for 18 - 45 minute sessions*
Accelleration – premium - £500 for 24 - 45 minute sessions*
*Each package follows an initial one off consultation fee of £30, which includes 15 minutes free time. The relevant package can then be chosen to suit commitment needed.  -  Strike up a conversation in the shop/office/centre.

As Company Director of all four strands of my company, I have built four websites which give you further information about the areas of business services and products on offer for a rewarding, affordable and flexible service. ,,  and, Here you can purchase my book, Living in a Bubble published with Author House under the pen name of Delora Green. It is available to buy on Amazon for £18.99 + p&p for the paperback version and £3.99 for the kindle version.

Our Focus – Intention Our Business Focus in 2019 – 2020 is on excellent delivery of services across all areas in particular writing activities, life stories, journals, poems, songs (lyrics) to help people explore their emotions and feelings in a creative way. Early Prevention will be our key aim rather than cure and we will be helping in the early stages of onset dementia, depression and early stages of mental health disorders, helping to alleviate pressure, stress and concern, supporting in the early stages to help getting any worse, helping to make life barable then better, accepting the adaptation to changes being experienced. We are the pre-gp stage & the bridge between illness & feeling well again which may also be beneficial in the interim & after care stage. Our aim is to always be there in a supportive role, to listen, to care, to nurture, to share strategies for prevention and alleviation, providing an improvement plan, goal setting programme to help with making manageable, noticeable changes for improvement.

Monthly Company Meetings Our meetings take place every month on a Friday. Here are the upcoming dates of the meetings. The meetings now take place at Delora’s Retreat, Go get Your Dreams – Just Do Office & Boutique, Learning and Community Drop in Centre at 7 Talbot Square, Cleobury Mortimer, Worcestershire. DY14 8BQ from 10.30am for refreshments starting at 11am for the meeting to include agenda and any other business. Minutes will be taken during the meeting and will be made available to view upon request. The next meeting is in 27th Friday at 11am followed by a Macmillan/body shop coffee morning.

Friday 29th March – this will be a mobile meeting as Jemma will be at Ludlow Market this day. Feel free to phone her to offer your views or to request copies of the agenda and minutes. How can you help connect, use or deliver the services? How can we communicate to better improve the services & communication in and around the local area?

Monday 1st April Dementia Friends Meeting at Kings Arms, Church Street, Cleobury Mortimer, DY14 8BS
Friday 26th April, Friday 24th May, Friday 28th June, Friday 26th July, Friday 30th August. September Newsletter will be made available at this meeting. That has been sent to you already on the last email out and both of these newsletters are available on my website.  Please join us. Call Jemma on 07400 076 664 or speak to her face to face in the shop.

Future Meetings will involve First Aid and Safeguarding Training from October 2019
Feel free to contact Jemma at any time using her mobile or email or drop into the shop to have a face to face conversation, which will determine the next steps to aid in your development.

Highlights from last Newsletter. From 1st September 2018  

Bridgnorth Journal Thursday January 10 2019

Teacher launches own community hub

A TEACHER who combined her experience
of tuition and want to help others
has opened up her own community hub in
south Shropshire.
Jemma Stone has been teaching for more
than 15 years – now the 41-year-old from
Cleobury Mortimer has opened her own education
centre, shop and community advice
The centre, located in Talbot Square,
hosts three different uses to serve the community,
specialising in offering advice on
sensitive issues, tutoring and acting as a
signpost to other external services.
“Helping people has always been a passion
of mine,” she said.
“Now I just want people to know we’re
here and readily available to help anyone
that needs it. This has come about from me
once having a tuition business that went
out to people’s homes. Now I do a similar
thing but offer a more expansive service.
“The stigma surrounding many sensitive
issues such as mental health is still very
much around and I want to act as the gateway
between people needing help, and people
getting help, whether that be through
myself or someone else.”
The mother-of-one has also launched
Jadstone Learning Centre, catering for
specific educational and learning needs including
English, maths and music tutoring,
Assist Angels, a community drop-in service
offering life coaching and Delora’s Retreat
Boutique, a shop selling homemade soaps, skincare
products and clothes.